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There are certain facts about men, we like to barbecue, we like phones that have the power to fly the space shuttle, we are portable heaters that snore, we can read maps and most of us need to shave.
Shaving is a daily chore for most of us and bad practices can leave your skin tight, sore, red raw and not looking its best. Here are 6 of the most common basic mistakes to avoid when shaving.

1. Old blunt razors.
Using an old razor which is blunt, clogged, rusty, maybe even borrowed by the woman in your life for her legs, but using an old blade will also spread germs on your face when shaving and give you an ineffective and sore shave, drastically increasing the irritation potential.

2. Cold water.
Using cold water when preparing to shave does not open the pores of the skin or soften your beard leaving your razor with more work to do. The water must be hot as this will soften your beard by as much as 70%.

3. Inadequate shaving products.
Using a soap, cream or gel that drys your skin results in the razor dragging across your skin increasing resistance and results in a rash, nicks or ingrown hairs.

4. Long strokes
Shaving in long strokes results in the razor pulling on your skin, your razor clogging and becoming inefficient and blunt. Shaving in short strokes protects the skin and also ensures that your beard is presented to the bade for cutting in a more effective way.

5. Not rinsing
During each stroke your razor becomes clogged with your shaving product, hair and dead skin. You must rinse your razor often to ensure a more effective shave and therefore reducing the irritation to your skin.

6. Against the Grain.
Shaving against the grain/direction of your beard on your first pass will almost guarantee stressed skin and shaving irritation. You must shave with the grain first, then if you are looking for a closer shave you can then shave against the grain. When I do this I always ensure that my shaving stroke is light, applying very little pressure on the skin.
So if you want to avoid a visit to the burns unit at your local hospital always always shave with the grain first.


Top tip: if you are unsure of the direction of your beard growth, stop shaving for a couple of days, then simply run your fingers across your face to feel the direction of your beard growth.

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