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HarveyJ products contain many ingredients that have been certified organic and are eco-certified but we are NOT a certified organic skincare company and we don’t claim to be. Gaining organic certification is a very costly complicated and drawn out process and one that a small independent company like us just cannot justify at the moment.


However, I am open and honest about the INGREDIENTS I use which are natural and wherever possible, organic, Eco-Certified and fair trade ingredients. They are cruelty free, packaged in 100% recyclable packaging, with ingredients sourced from responsible suppliers. I feel that this is a great start to communicating our values. Transparency is important to us as a company and our goal is to be upfront and honest with you, our customers and friends. If you buy HarveyJ skincare online from our website, you will find, unlike other skincare companies who are less than open about what their products contain, or only give you the ‘key ingredients’ omitting the less favorable, (you have to wonder what are they hiding?) our policy is to include the full ingredient listing for each product, with the exception of the full Essential Oil blends which are my proprietary blends and I don’t want to give my competitors THAT much information! 😉 If you go to our ingredients page you will see the ingredients I use and which are Organic, EcoCert and NPA.
Would you buy an item from the supermarket without checking the ingredient list? No! So why should you apply any less diligence when checking out your skincare ingredients. I actually think the practice of not giving full disclosure of ingredients is highly insulting to the customer. It implies the customer is not really smart enough or cares enough about what they are putting on their skin!
At HarveyJ skincare our customers’ needs are No 1, your happiness and satisfaction is our success, and we keep that thought in the foreground, at all times, to make sure that every shopping experience, with us, is one of value and pleasure. We understand that when our customer has a need, they should be met with courtesy, and competence.
HarveyJ delivers skincare products with a focus on plant based, natural, ingredients for the production of petro, paraben, formaldehyde, artificial colour and fragrance, free products.
HarveyJ has control over the research, development and production process from start to finish which ensures high quality and consistency. The products are manufactured in small batches for freshness and efficacy, using ingredient suppliers with the same values.


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