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— This Is Our Philosophy

“I decided there had to be a more natural, gentle and healing way to deal with my skin issues. So for purely selfish interests, if I couldn’t buy it out there for myself, then I decided I’d make my own!” Michele Masterson.

This belief is at the core to HarveyJ Skincare and everything we do!

Michele has developed every one of the formulas from a simple idea to the complex but effective formulas we have today drawing on years of study and research into the safety, efficacy and potency of active natural ingredients. We do not outsource our production or use pre-made bases of any kind.

Every product created is hand made with great care, in small batches under strict controls and using safe but potent ingredients that We believe will treat, tone, protect, sooth and renew your skin and to make it the best it can be, luminous, healthy, hydrated with a natural clarity.

Because our products use naturally derived ingredients, the colour of a key ingredient or oil may vary from one batch to another, we do not use use strong chemical stabilizers so you may find the colour of the product can change from batch to batch however this does not effect the quality, safety or efficacy of the product.

HarveyJ has total control over the research, development and production process from start to finish which ensures high quality and consistency.

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